Bay Area IRWM Prop 1 Grant Recommendations

On July 22, 2019, the Bay Area IRWM Coordinating Committee approved the recommendation of eight projects to the Department of Water Resources (DWR) for Proposition 1 Implementation Grant funding.  The recommendations came from the IRWM working groups (Planning and Process Committee and Project Screening Committee) after months of guideline review, proposal solicitation, and review of project proposals.

A total of twenty-seven projects were evaluated and ranked by twelve of the fourteen-member Project Screening Committee. Though criteria were established by DWR ahead of time, the process was a significant effort with proposals weighing in at a minimum of nine pages each, not including additional attachments.

In the end, eight projects were recommended in a funding request to DWR. This includes projects in each of the four subregions (north, south, east, west) as well as regional projects benefiting the whole of the Bay Area.  Total funding request for this grant cycle is $22,750,000, including grant administration.

A pre-application has been submitted to DWR and a follow-up workshop is scheduled for August 23, 2019. DWR will then review all grant applications and determine project funding across the state.

Projects recommended for funding in the San Francisco Bay Area include:

Project Number Project Title Sponsor Grant Award
1 Grant Administration Association of Bay Area Govenments $994,550
2 RD1 System Fish Passage Improvements Alameda County Water District (ACWD) $3,346,992
3 Lower Walnut Creek Restoration Contra Costa County Flood Control and Water Conservation District $1,434,425
4 River Oaks Stormwater Capture Project City of San José $3,203,550
5 NBWRP Phase 2 North Bay Water Reuse Authority $4,061,270
6 Calistoga Water and Habitat Project City of Calistoga and Napa County Resource Conservation District $2,028,808
7 San Francisquito Creek Flood Protection, Ecosystem Restoration, and Recreation Project San Francisquito Creek Joint Powers Authority $2,964,479
8 Bay Area Regional Water Conservation East Bay Municipal Utility District $4,177,875
9 San Francisco Zoo Recycled Water Pipeline Project San Francisco Public Utilities Commission $538,051


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Optional Prop 1 Implementation 1st Call for Projects Due November 16, 2018

Prop 1 Implementation Project Summary Form

The Bay Area IRWM Coordinating Committee (CC) is soliciting projects for the region’s response to a forthcoming draft Proposal Solicitation Package (PSP) from the California Department of Water Resources (DWR) for Prop 1 IRWM Implementation funding. This optional first solicitation is intended to solicit general interest, provide an opportunity for feedback, and facilitate increased regional collaboration. It will be followed by a request for more detailed formal project submittals after the final PSP has been issued by DWR (anticipated December 2018).

  • Bay Area funding allotment for Prop 1 Implementation: $47,450,000 (split between 2 or more rounds)
  • 10% of implementation funds will go to disadvantaged communities and/or Tribes
  • Smaller projects should consider consolidating with other similar projects.
  • The CC reserves the right to ask projects to bundle or consider a phased approach to funding.
  • The CC is seeking submittals that can demonstrate benefits and enhance opportunities for regional cooperation within the region’s four functional areas and sub-regions.

Tentative process is as follows:

  • CC solicits general interest from the region through the attached form.
  • DWR releases draft PSP. (45 day public comment period ensues)
  • CC (or subcommittee) notifies project proponents of suggested modifications/actions (if needed).
  • DWR releases final PSP.
  • CC requests formal project submittals with additional detail and info.
  • CC screens and scores projects.
  • CC makes decision on which projects to fund. CC meets with DWR for funding workshop.
  • CC submits grant application.

Next steps for interested parties:

  • Download the Prop 1 Implementation Project Summary Form and submit via the “Submit Form” button. After submitting, you will receive a confirmation email from Robyn Navarra. If you do not receive a confirmation email, please email the form directly to Robyn at
  • The CC (or subcommittee) will review and respond if there are areas needing further clarification or improvement.
  • Deadline to submit form: Close of business, November 16, 2018


The Bay Area Integrated Regional Water Management Coordinating Committee is pleased to announce the selection of the first round of 10 outreach partners to help The Environmental Justice Coalition for Water, as the Bay Area Program Manager, perform a broad suite of outreach services in support of Disadvantaged and Under-Represented Communities and their participation in the Disadvantaged Community Involvement Program.  After a multi-phased review process, the following outreach partners have demonstrated their ability to work actively and collaboratively, with EJCW and other partners to develop an integrated water management needs assessment for Disadvantaged Communities (DACs) and Under-Represented Communities (URCs) and corresponding outreach and involvement strategy in one or more communities in the Bay Area region:

Please see this map of outreach partner proposed project locations.

This first round of subcontractors is matched with a number of DACs/URCs in the Bay.  We are working to expand outreach efforts to other communities in a second phase of outreach partners soon.  Please contact the Bay Area Program Manager, Nahal Ghoghaie at <>  to learn more about how to get involved.