The Bay Area Integrated Regional Water Management Coordinating Committee is pleased to announce the selection of the first round of 10 outreach partners to help The Environmental Justice Coalition for Water, as the Bay Area Program Manager, perform a broad suite of outreach services in support of Disadvantaged and Under-Represented Communities and their participation in the Disadvantaged Community Involvement Program.  After a multi-phased review process, the following outreach partners have demonstrated their ability to work actively and collaboratively, with EJCW and other partners to develop an integrated water management needs assessment for Disadvantaged Communities (DACs) and Under-Represented Communities (URCs) and corresponding outreach and involvement strategy in one or more communities in the Bay Area region:

Please see this map of outreach partner proposed project locations.

This first round of subcontractors is matched with a number of DACs/URCs in the Bay.  We are working to expand outreach efforts to other communities in a second phase of outreach partners soon.  Please contact the Bay Area Program Manager, Nahal Ghoghaie at nahal@ejcw.org <mailto:nahal@ejcw.org>  to learn more about how to get involved.