DWR Announces Final Funding Recommendations for Prop 1 Round 2

The Department of Water Resources has announced the final funding recommendations for Round 2 of the Proposition 1 Implementation Grant Program. More information can be found under the Round 2 tab on this site, and a list of projects may be found here.

The Bay Area Integrated Regional Water Management Plan is a nine-county effort to coordinate and improve water supply reliability, protect water quality, manage flood protection, maintain public health standards, protect habitat and watershed resources, and enhance the overall health of the San Francisco Bay.

The Bay Area IRWMP:

  • Provides a valuable venue for regional collaboration across agencies
  • Improves responsiveness to regional needs and priorities
  • Helps to effectively integrate water resources management activities
  • Serves as a platform to secure state and federal funding

The five overarching goals of the Bay Area IRWMP are to:

  1. Promote environmental, economic and social sustainability
  2. Improve water supply reliability and quality
  3. Protect and improve watershed health and function and Bay water quality
  4. Improve regional flood management
  5. Create, protect, enhance, and maintain environmental resources and habitats