Formal Call For Projects: Prop 1 IRWM Implementation

The Bay Area IRWM Coordinating Committee is formally seeking project proposals for Prop 1 IRWM Round 1 Implementation Funding.

Project proposals are due COB Monday June 3, 2019. Please read the Instructions and submit this Project Information Form (PIF) to Robyn Navarra at rnavarra@zone7water.com.

Additional information:

  • Bay Area funding allotment for Round 1: $2,275,000 available for DAC Implementation projects; $22,750,000 available for General Implementation projects.
  • The CC is seeking submittals that demonstrate multiple benefits and enhance opportunities for regional cooperation within the region’s four functional areas and sub-regions.
  • Refer to DWR’s Prop 1 Implementation Proposal Solicitation Package (PSP) for more details on grant eligibility.

Tentative Process:

  • June 3, 2019: Project proposals due.
  • June 2019: Project Scoring Committee (PSC) screens and scores projects based on state and local eligibility criteria.
  • July 2019: PSC makes recommendation to Coordinating Committee on which projects to fund.
  • August 2019: Grant application workshop with DWR.
  • September-October 2019: Finalize grant application and submit to DWR.
  • October-December 2019: DWR reviews and approves grant application.
  • January-March 2020: Execute grant agreement with DWR and DWR awards grant funding.
  • April-June 2020: Execute sub-agreements with Local Project Sponsors.

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